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Our company, JumpSalento, was founded in 1988 and since then we have been producing and distributing trampolines of different shapes and sizes. From the heart of Salento our nets have reached the European market and the tiny Salentino kangaroo has appeared in the most important amusement and leisure time exhibitions. The original idea generated from the founder’s belief, Vito Nicolì, that there is nothing more fun and crazy than jumping high in the air up to the sky doing somersaults and twists. A kind of struggle against gravity. A passion which reminds him the happiest moments of his childhood when he and his brothers jumped on his parents’ bed … Thirty years have passed since then but the passion, the professional competence and the high quality of our products are the same and characterize the customers relationship.


Apollo 470 * 550 * 360 h
Giove 1050 x 580 x750 h
Marte 850 * 280 * 330 h
Cupido 340 * 290 * 240 h

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